The flower project

About two months ago I did something pretty cool I wasn’t feeling at my greatest and I wanted to give back.I thought about people that I don’t hardly talk to everyday but when they share there story with me I feel so connected to them some of these people were close friends and other were acquaintances.Since I was going thru a hard time I thought what would make me smile in these rough times and I thought Flowers’s and nice notes.I drove to my nearest traders Joe’s and bought about 6 dozens of flowered wrote notes and delivered them around town.I will admit I was feeling discouraged when I would drive somewhere and people wouldn’t be there or I couldn’t get flowers delivered to them so for some I had to leave them with a name but nonetheless the deed felt so good and rewarding.

It gave me a little happiness to see others smile as they received unexpected flowers I hope to do this again and make more people smile.

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