Dear:Diary….Nikita boots deal for 11.99

I feel in love with these boots online from  they where pretty pricy about 34.99 but than they went down to 24.00 but they didn’t have my size which I was super bummed by it.I searched the  internet  day and night until I found them on  and they were on a clearance I had to order them.I ended up ordering a size larger than I usually work but they ended up firing perfectly .So when you want something search and search the Internet for a better deal.💕💕💕💄💄💄 reason is often times online boutiques order wholesale items and sale them pricer to make a profit. But if you search and search you can find this amazing deal.Most of these online boutique shoes come from Asia but it’s worth it to get these shoes for cheap online versus  retail price.Another tip is ordering a size bigger because asians sizes can run small.

11.99 on

Can’t wait to wear them !

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