April Rant

April is closing out and gosh where is time going, why I’m so damm annoyed, lately it seem everything is annoying,playing with macros has been a challenge my frustration has been on a high.Dealing with life,work and personal issues can get to be to much.Sometimes I feel things that I’m currently going thru feel forever.Even planning for my birthday has been a stress with it self.Shopping for the perfect dress than thinking omg why if its not even going to fit nonsense.My birthday is literally a month and a half a way but its almost if that it self doesn’t matter.But I must stay positive this month, I’ve completed four classes online, kept 5lbs off(struggle), blog the most I’ve had in the last couple months and started a new routine and obessed with despacito and halo top ice cream.This is the new of the dear diary posts they will come back in future months but May will go back to the original format at mybravediaries.com

April I’m out hoping May brings new stuff to look foreword to ……

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