May goals

I dread setting goals for the upcoming month but like I mentioned in my previous post the feeling stuck or frustrated aches my soul.For this upcomping month, I will eat the most boring food ever as long, as I meet my goals I will fit in workouts thru my workday or awake up early it has to happen somehow,another thing following thru is a must especially since I’m still a part of that challenge at work.Another thing keeping my spaces cleaning.Trying hot pilaites at least once.May looks already busy but I’m literally using everyday to make them count and making my self do these things for me.For example drinking more water, finishing my online classes.In addition being nice to others which sometimes that seems hard really trying to not spend much money on nonsense stuff.I want May to be about crushing my goals I will be here on my brave diaries but limiting my post to once a week or twice.The reason is I want to focus on reaching my personal goals especially those that focus on fitness.

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