The biggest sigh

Sighhhhhhhhhh I know my blog post have been all over the place I truly want to write about all the good that happens the things I learn the things that make me wonder but than I get in some type of mood and I’m literally blocked no inspiration no motive no drive just plain stuck.And that right there is the longest sentences ever.School is closing up and I really don’t feel like don’t much.I wanna stay focus on projects but I can’t.I cant manage to maintain a high.Theres a song I’m the radio that’s called I got issues and man I feel like it fits me so well I’ve found myself with an unbalance to much shopping not enough sleep eating crap feeling unhappy and as I try and repair the holes I can manage to build there has been good but overall it’s been a struggle Today I pulled out like 8 dresses that use to fit and now I’m making self fit back into them by august one way or another .I need to stay focus clam and sain.To getting back to macros to actually enjoying working out and healthier knees more water and more happy duck transition is a bicth  

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