I feel most of my blog posts I’m constantly explaining myself why I’m upset or why I’m sad and keep mentioning there’s good.I feel stuck I feel sad and frustration I’m not dealing well with all the change.I think I’m either igorning it or I keep telling myself I’m fine either way I’m not happy.Theres been happy things but overall I’m frustrated I feel stuck like a car that can’t pull of the mud.I don’t know what it will be I dread Mondays I dread holding my pee and upright sometimes I just want to complain.Today was one of those days that I bought McDonald’s ate it on my way home got home laid on my bed napped still felt like crap.I made myself go to the gym but before I did I called my best friend but she didn’t answer and honestly I would of preferred her not answering than getting the auto can we talk later ?response.I knew what that meant it meant she was with her boyfriend it was a habit that she recently did every time she was with him she sent that auto text I hated it and sigh she couldn’t talk to me I was like no lol the good friend she is she called me and by then I was holding my tears.I said we’ll talk later I’m fine she tried to talk to me but I didn’t want to.i hung up and I started sobbing because that nonsense stuff added to my frustration.The thought every one is moving on with there life and I’m stuck I cried for about to 2mins because I couldn’t hold the tears.I worked out we talked but I couldn’t help not feel happy what the fudge was happy?.Yesterday I pulled out old clothes some that didn’t fit cause I had gained weight in three years I placed it back in my closet making me fit into again eventually. Then I came across a jacket that I had just purchased in October I held the jacket and it felt heavy it made me really upset I didn’t want to get rid of it but unbottled the unhappiness I felt those months ago clothes near felt so heavy or unpleasant I quickly thru back in the back and place the stuff back.

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