Quintessentially Californian(Coachella  edition)

Guest writer :Marath Pich 
I don’t know what I was expecting or what I had signed up for. You hear about Coachella, you hear that it’s an experience, but no one really tells you what to expect. 
I walked onto grass and more grass. Wait. Where was the sand? I was expecting desert conditions and loads of sand. Instead I was met with yards and yards of grass, fences, tents and artwork. The people were friendly. The workers had personality. The outfits were stylish. The food overpriced. The lines long. The music was good. The crowds. 

And as my gaze landed on the multitude of sights, a few girls caught my attention. My mind took a while to process what I was seeing. It struck me as funny and a little absurd, actually multiple scenes did. Two girls holding hands, phone angled for that Instagram shot. A girl prancing towards the friend holding the camera. As I watched all this unfold, a thought came bubbling up. This is Californian. This is very Californian. 

Would I do this again? If it was cheaper. Was I glad I went to Coachella? Actually yes. I’d say try it at least once in your lifetime. 

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