San Francisco staris 

I couldn’t be more thankful than spending the day in San Francisco eso ideally when I was literally 30mins away gosh that was a blessing.I had been staying in San Mateo and my cousin came out to see me I had been dying to wanna see the colorful staris in San Francisco so we drove out there around 4pm weather was perfect we actually hit a few staris first one was on 16th street that later leads us to grand view park which had staris of its own but a very beautiful view with loads of wind it was freezing up there.

After the staris on 16th my cousin and I headed towards Lyon street Lyon street was fun the staris not so much the folks on them where kinda mean but we enjoyed exploring around Lyon street and then literally walk to the 🌊 beach seeing waves as the sun was coming down was so much fun.We also stopped at the fine palace of arts which nice.The highlight of this mini trip was we walked a lot and enjoyed the views and literally explored .We got a lot of steps and went up and down the staris but nothing beats enjoying the streets of San Francisco  in evening and enjoying the weather we even tried doing sits up on the equipment near the beach.

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