Cooking class

So last weekend I was invited to a cooking class it was defiantly a different time of cooking class it was more of the class where they feed you and teaching you tips and tricks and there is some demonstrating for parts of the meal you leave the place with some knowledge how to make food at home and you get to eat a five course šŸ„˜ meal.It was pretty awesome minus the fact I was a six wheeler everything was great I didn’t get any pictures because if you believe it or not I was really trying to soak everything the lady had to say like literally.I learned so much and I can’t wait to try it very soon !We had a yummy soup with a hint of šŸ› curry,chicken and mushrooms,salad and a chocolate mousse also some cheese and šŸ‡ grapes.

Disclaimer picture shown is the dessert we had taken by the host 

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