John legend concert recap

Did I forget to mention I went to go see john legend in concert and gosh he made me cry my insides.We headed out to the concert ate in Lodi Thai food one of our favorites Thai Kitcken the food is spot and truly tastes authentic than again I’m not Thai so I really can’t say it’s authentic but it tastes amazing.We drove up to San Leandro to meet with minvera which was the first time actually meeting here in person she was so friendly.We explored the downtown before her arrival than headed off to berekley we took a mini hike to make it to the Greek theater at uc Berkeley .Oh my god the line was crazy long I had never seen the venue so packed than I thought damm well it’s john legend 🙄 duh.What was super annoying about the line was there was an entrance where people were being let in if they had VIP which if they did totally understand but guess what hey started letting anyone go in like what the heck why didn’t you let me in.We got in had to pee …peeing in portable bathrooms never fun for a princess like me.The show was amazing john knows how to throw a concert and he’s so damm elegant in his way preforming a girl got to hug him on stage yes I was pretty jealous.AFter the concert we headed out dropped off minvera and my best i and I were starving .Yes we had 20piece chicken nuggets and fries 🍟 and coke we were happy girls.

Glad john sang my song all of me 🙂

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