I attended the bayarea book fest last weekend I was very curious about it.Thinking I was gonna my to obtain free books from my favorite authors unpublished material etc.Yeah that didn’t happened it took place in Berkeley in the downtown area by the time we got there I was starving so we grabbed some Thai which was okay by regular standards:).We ate and walked ourselves to the 📚 book fest I was impressed that they had a big push for writers to get in bed in publishing or join a publishing company which really motivated me to peruse something in writing which I thought hmmm why not.We walked around no free unpublished copies there was a lot for sale bought a kid frida kahlo for my collection.Than after we got some free books 📚 from half book store which where used kid books not bad for free.Than before leaving Berkeley we got some gelato ice cream 🙂

Sorry I have no pictures from the festival  just food

Ps the gelato shop located in downtown Berkeley has the best rose 🌹 gelato ever

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