One decision 

Thinking back to the day that has brought me to where I’m today  brings me all kinds of storylines and endless what ifs.You see sometimes one decision can get you where you are maybe if I would of never decided to ask the handsome guy that was a complete stranger  if he had purchased the textbook 📚 for the class maybe things would of been so different .This guy had taken my attention from the moment I saw him but if your thinking he’s the protagonist or hero of this story spoiler alert 🚨 he’s the complete opposite.We talked met became friends ,and more I got to know him and what if I would of refused to hangout or just not gone that day would it eventually happened anyways?Maybe I should of just never asked him about the textbook .But what if would of ending up talking because we had two classes it was hard not to notice we had two classes back to back.Maybe I just shouldn’t of noticed him.All these events to that time are what ifs I’d never know.However I did I went and that day changed my life I guess I didn’t know that day how my life would turn and how the dents of that day would create deeper wounds and prolonged ❤️ heart ache 😖

It happened the scar healed I 💭 thought life was on track and than the frist crisis came I didn’t understand I tried at love and for some reason the crisis where more often and that ended.i struggled but I met someone and I thought the issues of the crisis where things of the past I was in a good place than they came in and out  but they came I practiced control and I got good at being in control but I wasn’t as successful it just bought time than the end came and my heart broke like it never had before I was torn and now I cry 😭 thinking why did I make that decision that has untangled pain over time that hasn’t healed what was taken.

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