Big basin hike

I told my best friend let’s hike let’s do something this weekend let’s make it Epic right sounds all great and dandy.So she told me she had planned a hike for big basin national park which is located in the Santa Cruz area.She said we were doing 10miles round trip which is not bad but you know it’s pretty long.I woke up dragged myself outta bed and drove to the meeting place the ride to the place wasn’t bad until we hit the hills and I literally wanted to throw up luckily I didn’t we did the hike it took about over an hour not to complete the 10miles but more like five since the plan changed when we arrived .The hike wasn’t as steep which I liked but it was intense enough to keep me warm because the weather was freezing for a summers day.

After the hike we drove to fafala which is a chickpea based ball that is best for vegetarians a middle eastern food.Which I kept it to basic chicken 🍗 sandwich and fries .On the drive back I literally knocked out which was ice because I needed that rest after the drive.Yet when I arrived home it started pouring a storm everyone on social media was losing there collective shit like oh my god it’s raining in June bla bla.Glad it didn’t rain on the hike or the drive home but man the rain was 😜 wild.

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