Birthday dinner

Usually for my birthday I love to have a huge birthday dinner or multiple birthday dinners either way they both are kind of exhausting.Especially the ones that are multiple ones the ones I literally eat out all week with all different types of people and celebrate. Don’t get me wrong I love my birthday and I truly excited when june rolls around.Lately I’ve noticed loads of people have birthdays in and I don’t know how i feel about it.This year because of the orbit I’m currently cycling thru.Nonetheless I wanted to have a big dinner than I told myself no, I don’t even wanna get dressed so I chopped it to the inner circle which was my best friends and family.I had originally thought about having my birthday dinner at market tavern but then I thought oh no that place is to fancy for my current state.


I decided for wing stop I wanted something super casual and just wanted to enjoy a meal with my friends and family and that’s what I did.It was great to spend time with my peeps I really appreciated that each and everyone of them came out to see me for my birthday.Birthdays are special to me but sometimes I just have to be content where Im in life and take advantage of all the people that care about me and what to show they care.Nothing is better than enjoying some great wings with company, if you’re ever at wing stop try my favorite flavors korean (if available check your local listings) teriyaki and lemon pepper when I’m not counting calories I go for the boneless and fries as for my dipping side I try for  cheese it’s amazing.Lastly thanks to those that came out to celebrate my birthday it a different way.Cheers to this new year and everything that is to come.

I didn’t take my regular normal birthday group shot like I usually do so I took pictures from my cousin so shout to my cousin christopher took them from his instagram 🙂

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