Truly Madly Guilty:Book Review


Truly Madly Guilty,Novel by Liane Moriarty

Another book review because why not right this is my third Liane Moriarty novel and I must admit it was so long.How does 432 pages sound like  literally a lifetime if you ask me.Is this how long Harry Potter books usually run?


Quick Summary

The story follows two best friends ,Clementine and Erica. They both have been friends since their early childhood almost dates back to kindergarden.Story takes place somewhere in Australia.Both friends are in their adult life clementine and erica are both married happily clementine is a mother of two.All is great until they are invited to a bbq where their lives take a twist of events.Oh and there is a death involved that makes things a bit  complicated but worry no this is no spoiler.


Overall the book was one of my least favorites for many reasons.One it was too long of a book I felt  i was  dragged out  through some parts of the book.The characters overall had very little character growth.I felt the story was very plain and that it was overly stretched.I had a hard time understanding the book in the first couple chapters.If you have been wanting to read this book than go grab it if not go read another laine monrarity book because this one is a tad long and not really worth the reading.In conclusion I’d give this book a 3 stars and it’s a 3 because i really enjoy the author’s book and i was so excited to read this book but i was left with “well that’s it feeling”.


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