Movie 🎥 Rough night and nachos 

So if you haven’t noticed most movies out in the theaters are  either some creepy scary movie( why do they exist?) or an action comic movie like literally that’s all our options what happened to comedy or the classics we all love ❤️ chick flicks.My bestie and former coworker headed off to see rough night staring scarlett johansson and very well cast that can make you laugh literally go check out the trailer now.

The movie is literally a movie to go see with your girl friends.The movie gave me vibes to want to go visit south Miami 🌊 beach .The plot of the story is college friends get together to celebrate 🎉 their friends bachelorette weekend in south beach and a series of unfortunate events untwist in a hilarious way you don’t want to miss it and of course I enjoyed the 🎥 .I got a discounted ticket and discounted concessions  because on Tuesday they have half  price deal  by the way which we all know how expensive popcorn and soda can be at the movie theaters. I sipped my medium coke with some amazing nachos and. Enjoyed the film definitely recommending it for a girls movie date.

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