The Husband Secret:BOOK Review

The husband’s secret by Liane Moriarty

 Last month book club book was the husband’s secret and yes another Liane Moriarty book but trust me when I say this is the book you want to read from her list of books.Keep in mind that this was her breakthrough book so it’s really worth reading.I was the one that had selected this book for the book club I had read a lot of outstanding reviews on it and after reading this book I can truly say it was worth it.

Quick Summary

There are three women,Cecilia,Tess, and Rachel. The story focus mostly on Cecilia and her Husband hence he’s the husband with the secret.The other two women are have some sort of connection to the secret ,Rachel more than Tess.During the story you get to know all three women and how this secret affects their lives before its release and after its release.The suspense of what the secret maybe blows you out of the water.However after the secret  is revealed it also turns into something very anticlimactic.The book is not perfect yet has some minor flaws but overall this is one of my favorite Liane  Moriarty books.A major theme in this novel is the idea of pandora box, why well pandora box was meant not to be open and this exactly what happens to cecelia what leads her to find out her husband secret that wasn’t meant to be known.

Loved this book , it was a book that left me wanting to keep reading and wanting to finish it and of course trying to guess the secret throughout the novel.My total rating for this book comes down to a 4 out 5 why simply because I liked it a lot the book had its good share of twist and turns.But here comes my confession my least favorite characters keeping it spoiler free Felicity and tess.Okay now go grab this book either at target,barnes and noble or your local library .

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