16months Later..

I wrote  this mid into my college years  I went back and read this old note and decided to fix and changed some stuff, I hope it makes sense cause I  was having a hard time getting it lol.

Written April,2011
Months Later..

sometimes I have a hard time sleeping….
sometimes..I cry
sometimes I wish it was a bad dream
sometimes I wish I could go back in time and say what hasn’t been said that didn’t happen to me
It’s been months..and I’am now 16months older and wiser..so I suppose….
The shadows follow me in this ghost town
The memories play in fast forward and rewind… And I am still a little scared because sometimes some things will never be the same...I know they clearly haven’t
before…it was differenet different

I.. Really didn’t know who I was….

I knew were

I wanted to go..

But not really who I was…

I wonder if I’ll ever get the nerve to write the closing letter to this chapter..I’m still waiting to let go desperately ..

If her little eyes met mine she would probably make me smile with her small tender heart..

I could forgive…. That time.. The pain the sorrow… That at night sometimes follow…. She’s ur your saver.. She’s ur your angel… And  16 months later I still try to forget…it all

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