Recently a friend recommend me to read Option B.I had seen t many propaganda on it and was truly excited to read it .I was thinking this books definitely looks like I can learn a thing or two about grief. I waited and waited for it to be available at the public library originally I was considering purchasing it at target. I got finally got my hands on Option B and was eager to read i.e. will admit that this book was not one of my favorites even thought I learned a thing or two I overall felt some type of way about it.

Grief is a hard topic for people to digest and go thru. Grief comes in all shapes and sizes grief is not just the loss someone. The author highlights on the importance of building resilience, which is very important the author gives a narrative from her struggles. The author turned the pain to a book and something for others to learn from, I totally get that. Sheryl Sandberg wrote,

1) Let’s show up for each other in grief

2) Respect your own feelings in grief

3) Although all of us have different circumstances – rich, poor, privileged or not, employed or not

– We all have the opportunity to kick the shit out of option B. (less)

Yet still the book wasn’t enough for mi. don’t want to take away from you reading this book but, I would recommend borrowing it from the library instead of purchasing it for retail $18.00

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