I’ve been blogging in Spanish which has been a struggle okay clam down it’s only been two posts I’ll check in once in while during this month English just so it doesn’t feel so werid.I’ve been on summer vacation technically for a month but really only two weeks which honestly has seemed like  forever but not long enough either I’m trying to stick to a routine I’ve managed waking up early going to the gym however still struggling to one eat healthy and drink enough water I must admit I get bored and I feel like this huge sleepy lazy bear.I dread the thought of sleeping I’ll confess I’ve dread the idea of sweaty dry hair šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ yes that’s not fun at all.

For the rest of the week I plan on sticking to strictly water finishing these flowers I’ve been working on that yes they have become dreadful too.Sticking to clean eating adding more active activists during my week less bum time and hopefully my wreck book comes in so I can start wrecking.I’ll continue to have the Spanish posts and yes more working out.So today I decided a new life goal swimsuit model not like a real model but look great in a swimsuit I need motivation.Today Jlo dropped  new single ni tu ni yo.Ive continued to clean my closet I want to throw away more stuff but man o man sometimes I just can’t get rid of stuff.Today I purchased some paints for my wreck journal which I will admit I’m kinda excited.Oh man oh man today I took an hour and half nap crazy yes it is.Ive feel super tired when I don’t end up working out it’s late and I can keep writing but I’ll end it here today you got a bonus post stay tune 

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