Broken record 

Ahhh so this feels worst than November 2009 and that was the worst time of my life in apart what happened in 2009 got me here where I’m today.Who was I in 2009 a young navie college girl that literally believed everything I went thru a very traumatic experience during that time I didn’t know how to act I didn’t know what to say many of the things I did were from spite of pain and trying to move forward.I moved forward by accident you see i igorned my issues and kept on cruising. I feel for the idea of love but relationship after relationship simply didn’t work.Its like a curse was following me .The curse made me feel sad ,useless,and very tiny .I’m still suffering from the after math of 2009 during that time I felt dead I felt like life had no purpose luckily I found my purpose and kept going .Now refinding a purpose is hard because everything I built is starting to fall because a castle feels lonely when your the only one able to see the view . This is different but finals so final.Its different when you ache from love than when you ache from hate.It hurts when you knew love and now it’s gone compared to ever having it and it just wanting to stab yes I’m talking about you…24..

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