So my younger cousin (Katy) yes I’m putting her on blast damm lol asked me how I was doing I said wonderful and she asked why are you getting married?.I felt anger as she wrote that why ?you  ,may ask well for starters I felt like she implied  that I need to be married by now.Yes that’s me thinking she thought that but it was rude.Than my other cousin voiced popped in my head  she said ” they in Mexico what else they gonna do”.Her statement was accurate to a certain point.I dont dis the marriage idea or parenting  idea but I don’t like being asked like I’m desperately wanting it .I have many things going for me and many projects I wish to venture out so yes Katy your comments are annoying and hoesntly disrespectful and rude  because to assume someone needs to be getting married to feel wonderful is shallow. Okay rant over  

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