(Honest truths)

So I’m coming at you with some bold truths I’ve been stressing over little things that lets me told I shouldn’t.Have you ever felt you need to figure out life by the end of the week, yes thats me currently now  as I type and hold my heart a bit.I’ve been very honest lately and sometimes thats a lot.I’ve kept busy but not busy enough,I’ll soon be sharing my adventures from the previous week stay tune.Today I had a nightmare that has been reocurring and I don’t like it ,like Enrique Iglesesias and Nicky jam say no me gusta.

So lets talk have you ever left every damm song has been talking about you and all the lyrics talk about your damm life yes thats me no me gusta either.I literally almost cried to “despacito” the other day.Today I’m not writing so you feel sorry for me( OR EVER do I write for that) but know I’m trying,trying to be okay even if okay doesn’t feel okay.I decided to go to the doctors to see whats causing me not to lose weight is it just me being lazy or is there another medical thing triggering it.I hope its just me being lazy.

My cousins yesterday I experienced the beauty of not being the oldest cousin.I’m indeed one of the oldest cousins on my dad’s side and for a long time it was just me until my couisns from mexico moved out here about 15 years ago

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