Tonight I want to introduce this character but it will be the smallest introduction I've maybe mentioned him here or there.As 24,32, or 27.In the latest one I wrote I recall 24.Marcus I'm not ready to speak formerly all the layers he formed in my life which weren't a lot but enough to cause the wave that hit us.When ready to accept and come to peace with the events by Marcus I'll go more into form now I'll speak on what happened yesterday.

We had not talked in a month I texted him saying forget me now for reals this time.I think after seven years he finally took my word.Marcus is the thing you want out of your house out of your life to no longer be there.After the series of events that happened yesterday I was finding myself walking in the heat on miracle mile waiting for my tires to get swapped out .i walked I looked at the a window in a bar and bam he was there looking at me and I was stalled

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