Sweet cousins

Sigh another post today was my sisters birthday and I'll admit I try and put a brave front I'll be honest I'm doing pretty good tonight.I'm start writing a day by day series until I feel I've completely healed .My cousins came out for my sisters bday I had a rough morning zombie driving feeling gross in the am.Driving to my friends house,driving by his street to throw an old valentine bear yes I did that don't worry the bear was tossed far from his house he may see it at the stop.I had lunch with my friend got home felt sick and napped my parents don't like to see me napping.I feel my father is worried about my state of mind sorry dad I'm trying.I woke felt not much engery start reading blogs on acceptance and felt hope.My sister was excited about her bday but in my heart I wasn't in it.My cousins came they got me to change into some clothes.We had dinner before dinner I asked my cousin about how he dealt with his social media and he was pretty chill and said it helped a lot I knew his twin brother wasn't to thrill to hear about my annoying breakup.After dinner my cousins were worried about a blog post I had posted.I told them everything I had been going thru and how I got to that car ride and my feelings .They were so sweet and it truly touched my heart when they said everything would be okay .thank cousins night

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