Team Maravillas

Another day ,mornings are still rough😭 but it's okay we fighting today I want to focus on everyone that's been super supportive .Its. Amazing knowing how people have been super supportive toward me so this post is shout to them for being here by my side during this hard time.My best friend Marath man i don't know how she does it but she's such a Rey's friend same for my friend Julissa .Every person that has listen to me seen me cry and told me everything is gonna be a okay.My brother that tells me how it raw and keeps reminding me I need to move forward. people I have gotten close to like my old boss and so forth .Shoutout to everyone that's been on team maravillas for helping me my family my cousins my readers my students.

Every person that has shown me support thru this hard time .

Today I had heart pain is it weird I'm not feeling it right now.I cried some but it's been harder my thoughts playing me.I don't wanna go to my old gym but I'm making myself go😭😭.Tomorrow I'm getting myself to the nutritionist and aiming to get back to my weight of 130lbs.

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