I think I’m awake up

and forget about it or have no feelings towards it but I feel that sounds super not realistic .I know everything I'm doing for myself is not going to bring my ex back it's not why don't I believe that do I still have some underline hope that hurts .I'm telling myself really patricia what Is it gonna take for you to be okay I know I need to trust the process I can't give up on the process of accepting what it is.I can't focus on myself if the thought of him is there.Ive been talking to a a lot of people and everyone has a perspective but none of them change how I feel or how things are.I'm at the road of acceptance but how far I'm idk that is unknown to me.Im frustrated thinking his on to the next like I never mattered and I wasn't important .

Today I went to the nutritionist and I felt good about it

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