July updates,Hikes outsidelands,Rock climbing

So spite everything happening  wait hold up

like girl whats really happening is all in my mind(not really yet more painful in my mind), but we will talk about that in its time.So I've been kinda of busy even though I want to cry in bed and tell my ex to take my back as I write this I realize how stupid that sounds like my brother would say "yeah go ahead do that" and I'd be "thats retarded" and he would say" yes its fuckin retarted".🤦🏽‍♀️

Okay I'm give him a few sentences so sometimes you want to make it work and give it fuck 200percent and compromise stuff but no  matter how high or how awesome you maybe( but lets be real I feel like loser) they don't want to workout it out so that hurts and thats where I'm at right now.I'll be honest I just feel lied to by the person I shared my life with these pass three yearsOkay thats enough on him🙄

Onwards so I went hiking with my bestie and her boyfriend my favorite couple Julissa and David.It was fun but god it was hot we survied the heat and had a pretty good hike with a nice view at coyote something park.After that we grabbed some burgers and headed home.A few days after I've picked up tennis played tennis with my bestie Marath and now making it a habit to play once a week with either Marath or Andrea my brothers girlfriend.Later in the week I went hiking with my older cousins I was gonna write a whole blog post but because of how I was feeling just adding to this wrap it was fun but also sad cause my family is a reminder of HOW  that relationship is missing for me.So we hiked in sf  lands ends I challenged my older cousin to race up the stairs yea I lost:(.I ate joes crab for the first time ever.We went to colt tower that was fun.Ate ice cream at their place.Friday I saw two friends caught up with them.Saturday went to do rock climbing which was exhuasting, got a flat tire and saw person that ruined my life by accident, and said goodbye to my ex,fuck what a day.Sunday sisters bday dinner with the fam and than watched  girls trip that movie is hilarous .Monday went to see how things were at work.Tuesday signed up at my old gym and seen old friends I'm be a bridesmaid you'll my friend is getting married ahhh so happy for her.Wednesday worked out,met my nutrionist , had a good conversation with my long last friend.Thursday woke up feeling ehhh but gave Maryanna a ride we had breakfast and worked out, feeling hopeful that I'm finally going to find peace with myself and no I'm not talking about the breakup but in its time we will talk about.Why because its something important to me and overall its been something that has shaped me but in its time I will speak on why its important to find that peace aside from the breakup, yes i want to find peace with that too but the peace with myself has been a long haul of igorning  which maybe could of changed my story but cant look at it like that anyways so thats my wrap for the week.I feel I wrote my whole damm diary.I will be coming back with the bookreviews but currently not feeling them they seemed kinda forced to me right now so peace out. See you soon thank you for that have been following me and supporting me thru this is not what I wanted my brave diaries to be but like in  life sometimes we need to reshape things.

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