Muir Woods hike

Today's another day so I woke ehh not feeling it but nonetheless I took myself hiking.It happens that you have a bad mood or bad state of mind and it cares out thru the day kinda of .Hiking was okay but I ill be honest couldn't really enjoy it my mind be playing me my knee was weak it was hurting it was sore.

The whole time I think I was complaining about the distance oh and let's keep in mind that I had a whole in my pants no fun oh no fun.We hiked about 8miles.After we had burgers man I didn't really want to eat burgers but ehh.I was really honest with my younger cousin and I think he was like damm okay cousin heheh he was kind tho.Drive back to my cousins house was ehh long ,sad and boring.We got stuck in traffic and my cousin was blasting music and me and my brothers girlfriend were just looking at each other like omg help.It was during a song that god damm I started feeling the tears coming down and gosh it sucked i wiped them off and carried on.We drove back home felt exhausted shower ate cereal iced my knee took a walk cried some and gosh I hate the tears.

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