Ahhh this blog is not what it was it's become a venting spot.Yesterday I was telling my friend why is this so hard I knew it had to hurt but never to this point.Yes I'm torn my ex is talking to someone oh it hurts so much.I think we had a good relationship how did we get here to unhappy and lack of communication because at the end of the day that's what it was.Mornings are rough i usually awake up angry and thinking why how could i awake feeling restless and upset. It's the worst my inner self doesn't want to give up but how can I beg and plead to someone who doesn't wanna be with me.My life long friend sent me a message of her crying tell me I'm sending you this cause breakups suck your not alone and it's harder to know your not meant to be she also said but also know that better days await.I wanna believe her I wanna believe better days await I just feel the longer I'm in this place the longer those better days will come in pissed why did he get to get over me so fast is he really over me or it just easier to say.or I'm trying to find a reason to find hope🤦🏽‍♀️.I keep hearing he didn't deserve you

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