Don’t ask me….

I'm exhausted I'm tired 😴 and if I had it my way which I'm learning I'm not i'd make it all better.sigh….

I'm exhausted I'm tired it's enough that I'm going thru heart break heartache all that stuff people go thru but you know why it sucks cause deep down I feel I shouldn't be here.I feel we took a wrong turn and now we can't reverse.

Don't ask me if we're still together I know your curious I would be too.But each time someone asks me I feel like fuck !!they see I'm hurting they can see I'm not over him.Now I feel oh they probably saw him with someone which may not be true but still. Why would I even have to think that if you didn't ask.It gets worst when people ask awww what happened.I don't want to answer I don't want to tell you because honestly none of your business.People that ask aren't the people who were close to us they were the people that just knew we were together.

When someone asks I get upset throwing my fist to the world saying fuck why can't they ask him.Why can't he feel this when I'm asked.Each time I'm asked I'm hurt I get punched in the gut then I cry after .Then I'm hard on myself for feeling this like he's not crying for me so why I'm I still in pain?.People may ask him oh how's patricia and he maybe like oh we broke up I'm talking to someone new.

So don't ask because when you ask you hurt me😭😭😭😭

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