Ed Sheeran concert #sacramento

Today I went to the ed sheeran concert I don't love ed but I like his music it has been about two months since I last went to the sac arena for a concert.I'll admit that the timeline throws me off and kinda hurts.Anyways we headed to the concert Sacramento was hot.We had food but since I've been on strict meal plan for some reason I couldn't eat the food.We got to the concert James blunt opened the concert I was 😍 in love with his song your beautiful.ahhh the beauty.Eds songs where great 👍🏻 his set was awesome yet of course some songs got me teary eye ( yeah I cried).
I had a rough morning today but overall I focused on myself and staying focused.
Alrighty if you have the chance to see ed go watch it it's def worth it did I mention we had awesome seats oh we did.My favorite part was running up the staris in the parking lot .Oh and 😮 omg a girl spit fell on my nose 😭😭 alrighty night night xoxo

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