New hope

It's Friday and overall I'm feeling good!!! I've return to work feeling confident in what I'm doing and I feel like I know what I'm doing I'm not to stressed or worried 😩 I almost feel I'll play it by ear lol.Its amazing that I feel so confident at work I almost feel like a boss haha I'm try and be my best but I don't want work to get the best of me in the past work just made me ehh stressed worried and annoyed .Im sure those feelings will arise here or there but now I'm dedicated to focusing on me.

I'm dedicated to be on my diet and work hard to see results this week I've dropped 2percent fat which is a big win.Im excited for the changes my body will see I also want to be stronger .I crave a healthy life a crave mental health and overall health.Next week I plan on still swimming a few times a week, play tennis and find time for resting which for me that's important.!!!in terms of work keep up and find time to revise stuff.

I still think about him but as work has resume it feels it's been longer since everything happened.Earlier this week I cried and even yesterday I cried.I miss him I still love him but I also know he is no longer in my life.keeping busy has shifted my attention on other things and working out truly makes me feel better.I can't wait to walk around looking like a bawse and feeling like one too

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