Weekend wrap

Yesterday was about 🎢 roller coasters and sun burns.My brother decided last min to go to great America yes I went i a few rides but man do I get anixtey is that even a thing.I got in gold striker ,the demon twice ,the tkiki ,psycho mouse,the dileron and another five rides that I cant recall.One of the got me soaking wet and I literally threw up because of the smell of the water was so dang stronger no bueno.Park food will be park food expensive and not the best.After the park we headed to Applebee's in Dublin and enjoyed dinner man when we left it was freezing.I drove back home popped some ed sheeran and man the songs were playing.

Today was another day I went most of the day with the phone and felt a hole in my heart not because of my phone but him.Ive kept busy but I still feel and miss him you know.it sucks but I feel werid I'm in a new stage I think or i tell myself it's just harder to cry you see.

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