Friday rewind

I started a early Friday after Thursday being up late .I got out of bed 6am made breakfast for ready for work headed for my appointment.I was good but it was the first time I actually cried after what my friend told.My best friend told me to chill but it still bugged me I cried and it felt much needed.Work started and it was good yeah sometimes long.

I didn’t have plans but my newly found friend made plans to have dinner 🍴 I was bad and had bread but didn’t overeat which was good even had a coke too.Man it was good a bit cold for my taste because I simply love warm sandwiches not that cold shit.It was a hot night we walked around the street after eating then we’re deciding to go listen to live music and then go to empresso but that didn’t happen.We got in the car and my friend saw her ex.I had never met him since we became friends after they broke up we saw and she was like omg 😲.I’ll summarize the night with we found out he was meeting a girl we ended in another town and walking around some more.My friend didn’t see them but I saw them greet each other and fuck it sucked she didn’t fully cry but I knew she wanted to.Shes more of the impluse type but we managed i drove us back and headed to target it’s funny how in times like this you run into a see of people.

Target was fun.Got home 🏡 and now I have gym date with my friend mar right before wight in

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