Life update,busy week

Well it’s August 30th can’t believe we here but we are and the year 2017.Things have gotten better forsure I’ve been so busy it’s insane .My routines have kept me a float .All this month I’ve reconnected with folks been out and even made new friends.Ive reconnected with my friend Maryanna .I made a new friend marelena which she is really fun she keeps me young literally.Ive stayed very in touch with two of my friends I feel I call them everyday or every other day. I have a booked week where hangouts or working out which I’ll admit it sometimes stresses me but I enjoy the down time which is good.Work has been ehh work.Ive been frustrated but it’s not on my hit list my priority is me and only me works come next lol of course I worry but I can’t control everything so peace with it.Im literally counting down for thanksgiving break I’m such a nut.

Ive been on it at the gym attending on a regular eating better even tho I give myself room on friend nights or Saturday.Ive made progress and can’t wait to see it.I feel better overall.Tomorrow I have a football game Friday dinner and Saturday all around busy.Sunday fam day and Monday thank god for the three day weekend I hope to see my cousins but hiking in the am which reminds me I need to update post of the past weekend.Its hard for me to blog when life has been so busy bee.But I’ll make an effort of bringing back my old blog style of lifestyle.So I’m out cause tomorrow I’m doing 5am workout and I know I should predread work but I’m feeling it ahhh🤦🏽‍♀️.See you tomorrow I’ll post tomororw about the weekend night you’ll

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