Finally updating my about me, so I was born and raised in California also known as the golden state. Hispanic, Latina and Mexican and darn proud. Grew up singing and bopping to Selena.You can catch me running and singing to some chente and mana. I’m the eldest of three siblings. I love sipping on Lolicup and coloring. I enjoy plenty of things, from running to reading to talking and snapping pictures and just being a bum in occasions. I’m always ready to try new things expect sky dying or stuff of that matter. I love salads and fries, I’m aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s been a challenge. I want to enjoy the little things life has to offer. I’m pretty nice until I learn to love you than you get the real treat.

Why did I start a blog?

So a few years ago I was going thru a tough time in life from just adjusting to the adult life and dealing with heartache. During this time I discovered an outlet for me to vent my feelings was writing. For some reason I found a voice, a voice that allowed me to drop the pain into text. For me it became some of the best writing I would come up with. So for a few years I had a private blog where I’d vent my frustrations about love. But later I found out I really enjoyed narrating stuff. I don’t consider myself wonderful of course not but blogging for me is a way to become a better writer one day.

So welcome  to MYBRAVEDIARIES you may get to know  me a little,few things here and there about me, or simply learn new things about yourself enjoy my brave diaries and where they may take you.



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