The Husband Secret:BOOK Review

The husband’s secret by Liane Moriarty

 Last month book club book was the husband’s secret and yes another Liane Moriarty book but trust me when I say this is the book you want to read from her list of books.Keep in mind that this was her breakthrough book so it’s really worth reading.I was the one that had selected this book for the book club I had read a lot of outstanding reviews on it and after reading this book I can truly say it was worth it.

Quick Summary

There are three women,Cecilia,Tess, and Rachel. The story focus mostly on Cecilia and her Husband hence he’s the husband with the secret.The other two women are have some sort of connection to the secret ,Rachel more than Tess.During the story you get to know all three women and how this secret affects their lives before its release and after its release.The suspense of what the secret maybe blows you out of the water.However after the secret  is revealed it also turns into something very anticlimactic.The book is not perfect yet has some minor flaws but overall this is one of my favorite Liane  Moriarty books.A major theme in this novel is the idea of pandora box, why well pandora box was meant not to be open and this exactly what happens to cecelia what leads her to find out her husband secret that wasn’t meant to be known.

Loved this book , it was a book that left me wanting to keep reading and wanting to finish it and of course trying to guess the secret throughout the novel.My total rating for this book comes down to a 4 out 5 why simply because I liked it a lot the book had its good share of twist and turns.But here comes my confession my least favorite characters keeping it spoiler free Felicity and tess.Okay now go grab this book either at target,barnes and noble or your local library .

Truly Madly Guilty:Book Review


Truly Madly Guilty,Novel by Liane Moriarty

Another book review because why not right this is my third Liane Moriarty novel and I must admit it was so long.How does 432 pages sound like  literally a lifetime if you ask me.Is this how long Harry Potter books usually run?


Quick Summary

The story follows two best friends ,Clementine and Erica. They both have been friends since their early childhood almost dates back to kindergarden.Story takes place somewhere in Australia.Both friends are in their adult life clementine and erica are both married happily clementine is a mother of two.All is great until they are invited to a bbq where their lives take a twist of events.Oh and there is a death involved that makes things a bit  complicated but worry no this is no spoiler.


Overall the book was one of my least favorites for many reasons.One it was too long of a book I felt  i was  dragged out  through some parts of the book.The characters overall had very little character growth.I felt the story was very plain and that it was overly stretched.I had a hard time understanding the book in the first couple chapters.If you have been wanting to read this book than go grab it if not go read another laine monrarity book because this one is a tad long and not really worth the reading.In conclusion I’d give this book a 3 stars and it’s a 3 because i really enjoy the author’s book and i was so excited to read this book but i was left with “well that’s it feeling”.


One plus one by Jojo Moyes( BOOKREVIEW)

One plus one

Finally another Jojo Moyes after reading “Me before you”,it has been about a year when I finished “me before you’ and cried my eyes out.I had heard many bad reviews from its sequl “me after you” and never picked it up but recently I came across this beautiful green covered book.Please don’t  judge a book by it’s cover if you ever seen jojo moyes books you know she tends to pick a very beautiful font with beautiful colors.

Quick summary

One plus one is the story of two different people that their life crosses in a very particular way.You have Jess a mother of two a teenager,and a  brilliant 8 year old.Jess has many hardships working against her but despite all that she juggling she is still the most optimistic person, she believes and  works really hard to provide for her children in the best way she can.Then you have Ed who seems to have it all in terms of money, but is currently deal with a divorce and some legal issues.Both characters life cross roads and take a crazy love adventure you don’t want to miss.

I def recommend getting this book especially if your looking for a light love story that will make you believe.I also love this story because its based on  characters many people can relate to, its characters that go thru real things and people can often find themselves very connected to.So i give this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars because it kept me wanting to know where the heck this story was going and how it would end and I must admit I was pretty pleased.

The Problem with Forever :Book review

I just read this book a couple of weeks ago and I was totally in awe by it.The message really made me tear up a couple of times.It’s not your typical sappy story that makes you cry let’s keep that in  perspective.This story has a lot of humor within the story.You learn to quickly love the characters,this was definitely a book I didn’t want to put down ,I literally finished it within a week because it was so great.So let me give you a quick rundown of the book so you can go grab yourself a copy or run to your local library.

The Problem with forever follows the story of Mallory and Ryder which have a very traumatic childhood experience.Throughout the book you get glimpse of what the experience is and how it affects their current life.Major events happen throughout the story along with coping to move forward both characters overcome their circumstances in ways that help them grow.The plot takes place within a high school setting and moves to the past.

The biggest message in the book is the theme of forever, what forever means and how forever transform the characters go thru different meaning of what forever really means.The other theme the book hits on is the loss through the book characters are in lost of something their old self or love ones.I definitely recommend picking up this book and enjoying the storyline and the bits of humor the author adds to add a good laugh to the book.

One decision 

Thinking back to the day that has brought me to where I’m today  brings me all kinds of storylines and endless what ifs.You see sometimes one decision can get you where you are maybe if I would of never decided to ask the handsome guy that was a complete stranger  if he had purchased the textbook 📚 for the class maybe things would of been so different .This guy had taken my attention from the moment I saw him but if your thinking he’s the protagonist or hero of this story spoiler alert 🚨 he’s the complete opposite.We talked met became friends ,and more I got to know him and what if I would of refused to hangout or just not gone that day would it eventually happened anyways?Maybe I should of just never asked him about the textbook .But what if would of ending up talking because we had two classes it was hard not to notice we had two classes back to back.Maybe I just shouldn’t of noticed him.All these events to that time are what ifs I’d never know.However I did I went and that day changed my life I guess I didn’t know that day how my life would turn and how the dents of that day would create deeper wounds and prolonged ❤️ heart ache 😖

It happened the scar healed I 💭 thought life was on track and than the frist crisis came I didn’t understand I tried at love and for some reason the crisis where more often and that ended.i struggled but I met someone and I thought the issues of the crisis where things of the past I was in a good place than they came in and out  but they came I practiced control and I got good at being in control but I wasn’t as successful it just bought time than the end came and my heart broke like it never had before I was torn and now I cry 😭 thinking why did I make that decision that has untangled pain over time that hasn’t healed what was taken.


I attended the bayarea book fest last weekend I was very curious about it.Thinking I was gonna my to obtain free books from my favorite authors unpublished material etc.Yeah that didn’t happened it took place in Berkeley in the downtown area by the time we got there I was starving so we grabbed some Thai which was okay by regular standards:).We ate and walked ourselves to the 📚 book fest I was impressed that they had a big push for writers to get in bed in publishing or join a publishing company which really motivated me to peruse something in writing which I thought hmmm why not.We walked around no free unpublished copies there was a lot for sale bought a kid frida kahlo for my collection.Than after we got some free books 📚 from half book store which where used kid books not bad for free.Than before leaving Berkeley we got some gelato ice cream 🙂

Sorry I have no pictures from the festival  just food

Ps the gelato shop located in downtown Berkeley has the best rose 🌹 gelato ever

May goals

I dread setting goals for the upcoming month but like I mentioned in my previous post the feeling stuck or frustrated aches my soul.For this upcomping month, I will eat the most boring food ever as long, as I meet my goals I will fit in workouts thru my workday or awake up early it has to happen somehow,another thing following thru is a must especially since I’m still a part of that challenge at work.Another thing keeping my spaces cleaning.Trying hot pilaites at least once.May looks already busy but I’m literally using everyday to make them count and making my self do these things for me.For example drinking more water, finishing my online classes.In addition being nice to others which sometimes that seems hard really trying to not spend much money on nonsense stuff.I want May to be about crushing my goals I will be here on my brave diaries but limiting my post to once a week or twice.The reason is I want to focus on reaching my personal goals especially those that focus on fitness.