28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

It’s officially my birthday and looking back to what 27th was like ,it was a hard year, indeed it was a long year.I year that I never saw to come the way it did many great things happened but than many things that often tested me.From my career to my personal life 27 wasn’t all it turned out to be.I continued on my projects but looking now it was a year of the big question whats next or how I’m changing.So here is the post 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years gosh I’m old:) and filled with wisdom and getting just like fine wine.

1.Happiness is truly important…..smile you can make so many people days happy just by a smile I can guarantee it’s like a domino affect once you smile to someone the next person smile and so forth

2.Take care of your self brush your teeth, go to your doctor and dentist appointments,sleep as much as you can the older we get the less sleep we sometimes can get a hold of.
3.Workout even if you hate it just work out your body will thank you later.Its important to come up with a workout routine to help combat our bad moods (trust me)

4.Money spent on traveling is money well spent!
5.Pay off your student loans as soon as you can you don’t wanna be the person paying off loans for 10years.
6.if you need to 😭 cry freakin cry and be sad(It’s okay)

7.Sometimes you need to burn some bridges to create some distance

8.Not all friendships last and thats okay ,just remember to stay true to your self and if the friendship taught you something than it did its purpose in your life.

9. forever doesn’t really exist,thing is forever nor the good nor the bad,life is forever changing and one is evolving the opposite orbit.

10.Be kind to others always, sprinkle kindness like confetti

11.Family is important,yes even if theres a big “if”

12.  When you learn to see that everyone is going thru something you learn to judge less

13. People who care will come thru no matter what the situation is…allow them to show they care.

14. Learn to say no

15.Goals are important never stop having goals,reach your goals revisit your goals and redesign your goals.

16. People will always have something to say if they do it’s because your obviously doing something right

18. Plans change and that’s okay too( in all aspect of life ,personal, work ,love, money etc.)

19.Life doesn’t always ever get better like in the movies,there are good,great time but also crappy times,but you learn to move forward( or at least thats what I’m told)

20.Never give up no matter how crappy things get never give up keep moving forward like my cousin says ” this is the part of the movie where it gets better”
21.Write people letters once in a while
22.Be organic unplug from social media once in a while.
23.Singing in your car can be pure happiness
24.A 13mile run can be what you need to feel stronger literally and figuratively
25.Listen to your body if your body doesn’t like Mc donalds chicken nuggets than don’t eat them.
26.Read for the sake of reading
27.A year closer to 30 is not the end of the world I report its not the end of the world
28 Always be grateful even when you currently hate everything about life or where its going.Or even when you feel so left out and want to scream at people.
*keep memories close to your heart because people tend to forget,pictures bring memories alive.

Big basin hike

I told my best friend let’s hike let’s do something this weekend let’s make it Epic right sounds all great and dandy.So she told me she had planned a hike for big basin national park which is located in the Santa Cruz area.She said we were doing 10miles round trip which is not bad but you know it’s pretty long.I woke up dragged myself outta bed and drove to the meeting place the ride to the place wasn’t bad until we hit the hills and I literally wanted to throw up luckily I didn’t we did the hike it took about over an hour not to complete the 10miles but more like five since the plan changed when we arrived .The hike wasn’t as steep which I liked but it was intense enough to keep me warm because the weather was freezing for a summers day.

After the hike we drove to fafala which is a chickpea based ball that is best for vegetarians a middle eastern food.Which I kept it to basic chicken 🍗 sandwich and fries .On the drive back I literally knocked out which was ice because I needed that rest after the drive.Yet when I arrived home it started pouring a storm everyone on social media was losing there collective shit like oh my god it’s raining in June bla bla.Glad it didn’t rain on the hike or the drive home but man the rain was 😜 wild.

Looking ahead in July 

So I joined another fitness challenge at work and I’ll you posted it ends august 21st which actually gives me time to actually do some fitness stuff.Recently since I’m working until June 23rd I find myself just moping around and this week especially avoiding the gym completely. I’ve also been spending a lot which I will be decreasing my purchases in july and selling a lot of my stuff as well.I will also push my self to read a book in Spanish.My blog will go spanish for the month of july so stay tune for that.All my brave diaries adventures will be in spanish, As you may have noticed I’ve been struggling to write and really focus on how I want my blog to grow for now my blog is still a work in progress but stay tune for the spanish of my brave diaries english posts will return in august and continue thruoughout the month of june. 

Still crying 

I’m still crying I partly have lost count but I’ve hit a new low.Ive made progress but I feel just like the first day or maybe even worst cause I’m constantly fighting with the calendar and myself.I don’t know how I’m suppose to really feel or how I’m suppose to be “over it”.I don’t like many things around me and god maybe mad at me for being so ungrateful for my health work and roof over my head and I’m grateful because it could be worst.But I’ll be honest I’m not happy I’m sad a couple months I felt angry and now it’s sadness in and out.The list haunts me the calendar punishes me I punish myself by not taking care of me I feel like an ugly fat troll.I’m asking myself what’s next well I ever be okay again what will make me happy how long is this low?when I look at the outside I feel left behind from my friends as there life’s seem to prosper I still feel sad and broken like a broken record.I’m happy for them but I can’t feel really happy when I’m not I’ve learned to hate holding in pee heat and working out I hate the feeling of anger and sadness .I keep telling myself nothing is forever but as I look at the calendar I can’t help and feel more torn knowing my birthday is days away and how I’d like to spend. MY 🎈 birthday is almost impossible 

Bubble 5k run with brother 

Last weekend my brother and I had no intentions of running 🏃 a 5k because we didn’t sign up for one of course .However my mom had ,she had signed herself up and my sister to go run a bubble run with her Zumba class but since my sister was taking sats she didn’t wanna drive out to Sacramento to run.So my brother and I took there spots and 💥 bam we ran the 5k.Mind we had no preparation neither of us had really been working out and had been running but we ran the course which was okay not as many bubbles as we thought.They had bubbles only at the kilometer mark which where the locations that were more crowded.It took longer for us to get started than it did for us to run it we ran about 8opercent of it nonstop but walked the 20percent of it that was uphill overall it as a good 😊 experience to do this event with mY brother and I loved that it was very unexpected:)

Garfield summer

Its’ crazy when you live a go,go,go life to slow down and really think about a lot of stuff and honestly the idea of being home more than  usual scares me.It’s been so long its been so long since I haven’t worked crazy jobs or jetted off to many places.I’m staying home and working a few hours.I would love to get my body back be in shape again feel alive.One thing I want to commit to is eat clean and jog.I want to get my legs strong again.I’ll be back updating how my garfield summer goes.I just want to slow things down relax read, write color and jump.I want to start my staple closet I want to be able to fly and feel free.I want to be able to spend time with people and not worry about the time.

San Francisco staris 

I couldn’t be more thankful than spending the day in San Francisco eso ideally when I was literally 30mins away gosh that was a blessing.I had been staying in San Mateo and my cousin came out to see me I had been dying to wanna see the colorful staris in San Francisco so we drove out there around 4pm weather was perfect we actually hit a few staris first one was on 16th street that later leads us to grand view park which had staris of its own but a very beautiful view with loads of wind it was freezing up there.

After the staris on 16th my cousin and I headed towards Lyon street Lyon street was fun the staris not so much the folks on them where kinda mean but we enjoyed exploring around Lyon street and then literally walk to the 🌊 beach seeing waves as the sun was coming down was so much fun.We also stopped at the fine palace of arts which nice.The highlight of this mini trip was we walked a lot and enjoyed the views and literally explored .We got a lot of steps and went up and down the staris but nothing beats enjoying the streets of San Francisco  in evening and enjoying the weather we even tried doing sits up on the equipment near the beach.