Birthday dinner

Usually for my birthday I love to have a huge birthday dinner or multiple birthday dinners either way they both are kind of exhausting.Especially the ones that are multiple ones the ones I literally eat out all week with all different types of people and celebrate. Don’t get me wrong I love my birthday and I truly excited when june rolls around.Lately I’ve noticed loads of people have birthdays in and I don’t know how i feel about it.This year because of the orbit I’m currently cycling thru.Nonetheless I wanted to have a big dinner than I told myself no, I don’t even wanna get dressed so I chopped it to the inner circle which was my best friends and family.I had originally thought about having my birthday dinner at market tavern but then I thought oh no that place is to fancy for my current state.


I decided for wing stop I wanted something super casual and just wanted to enjoy a meal with my friends and family and that’s what I did.It was great to spend time with my peeps I really appreciated that each and everyone of them came out to see me for my birthday.Birthdays are special to me but sometimes I just have to be content where Im in life and take advantage of all the people that care about me and what to show they care.Nothing is better than enjoying some great wings with company, if you’re ever at wing stop try my favorite flavors korean (if available check your local listings) teriyaki and lemon pepper when I’m not counting calories I go for the boneless and fries as for my dipping side I try for  cheese it’s amazing.Lastly thanks to those that came out to celebrate my birthday it a different way.Cheers to this new year and everything that is to come.

I didn’t take my regular normal birthday group shot like I usually do so I took pictures from my cousin so shout to my cousin christopher took them from his instagram 🙂

28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

It’s officially my birthday and looking back to what 27th was like ,it was a hard year, indeed it was a long year.I year that I never saw to come the way it did many great things happened but than many things that often tested me.From my career to my personal life 27 wasn’t all it turned out to be.I continued on my projects but looking now it was a year of the big question whats next or how I’m changing.So here is the post 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years gosh I’m old:) and filled with wisdom and getting just like fine wine.

1.Happiness is truly important… you can make so many people days happy just by a smile I can guarantee it’s like a domino affect once you smile to someone the next person smile and so forth

2.Take care of your self brush your teeth, go to your doctor and dentist appointments,sleep as much as you can the older we get the less sleep we sometimes can get a hold of.
3.Workout even if you hate it just work out your body will thank you later.Its important to come up with a workout routine to help combat our bad moods (trust me)

4.Money spent on traveling is money well spent!
5.Pay off your student loans as soon as you can you don’t wanna be the person paying off loans for 10years.
6.if you need to 😭 cry freakin cry and be sad(It’s okay)

7.Sometimes you need to burn some bridges to create some distance

8.Not all friendships last and thats okay ,just remember to stay true to your self and if the friendship taught you something than it did its purpose in your life.

9. forever doesn’t really exist,thing is forever nor the good nor the bad,life is forever changing and one is evolving the opposite orbit.

10.Be kind to others always, sprinkle kindness like confetti

11.Family is important,yes even if theres a big “if”

12.  When you learn to see that everyone is going thru something you learn to judge less

13. People who care will come thru no matter what the situation is…allow them to show they care.

14. Learn to say no

15.Goals are important never stop having goals,reach your goals revisit your goals and redesign your goals.

16. People will always have something to say if they do it’s because your obviously doing something right

18. Plans change and that’s okay too( in all aspect of life ,personal, work ,love, money etc.)

19.Life doesn’t always ever get better like in the movies,there are good,great time but also crappy times,but you learn to move forward( or at least thats what I’m told)

20.Never give up no matter how crappy things get never give up keep moving forward like my cousin says ” this is the part of the movie where it gets better”
21.Write people letters once in a while
22.Be organic unplug from social media once in a while.
23.Singing in your car can be pure happiness
24.A 13mile run can be what you need to feel stronger literally and figuratively
25.Listen to your body if your body doesn’t like Mc donalds chicken nuggets than don’t eat them.
26.Read for the sake of reading
27.A year closer to 30 is not the end of the world I report its not the end of the world
28 Always be grateful even when you currently hate everything about life or where its going.Or even when you feel so left out and want to scream at people.
*keep memories close to your heart because people tend to forget,pictures bring memories alive.

Still crying 

I’m still crying I partly have lost count but I’ve hit a new low.Ive made progress but I feel just like the first day or maybe even worst cause I’m constantly fighting with the calendar and myself.I don’t know how I’m suppose to really feel or how I’m suppose to be “over it”.I don’t like many things around me and god maybe mad at me for being so ungrateful for my health work and roof over my head and I’m grateful because it could be worst.But I’ll be honest I’m not happy I’m sad a couple months I felt angry and now it’s sadness in and out.The list haunts me the calendar punishes me I punish myself by not taking care of me I feel like an ugly fat troll.I’m asking myself what’s next well I ever be okay again what will make me happy how long is this low?when I look at the outside I feel left behind from my friends as there life’s seem to prosper I still feel sad and broken like a broken record.I’m happy for them but I can’t feel really happy when I’m not I’ve learned to hate holding in pee heat and working out I hate the feeling of anger and sadness .I keep telling myself nothing is forever but as I look at the calendar I can’t help and feel more torn knowing my birthday is days away and how I’d like to spend. MY 🎈 birthday is almost impossible 

Cooking class

So last weekend I was invited to a cooking class it was defiantly a different time of cooking class it was more of the class where they feed you and teaching you tips and tricks and there is some demonstrating for parts of the meal you leave the place with some knowledge how to make food at home and you get to eat a five course 🥘 meal.It was pretty awesome minus the fact I was a six wheeler everything was great I didn’t get any pictures because if you believe it or not I was really trying to soak everything the lady had to say like literally.I learned so much and I can’t wait to try it very soon !We had a yummy soup with a hint of 🍛 curry,chicken and mushrooms,salad and a chocolate mousse also some cheese and 🍇 grapes.

Disclaimer picture shown is the dessert we had taken by the host 

Happy birthday H

I ask myself why would I even give a birthday shout to you…..because I think your a thoughtful person that shared a time in my life.I wonder if things would be different if I would of allowed myself to be free around you.This conversation  isn’t something new but it shows to show you really don’t know when you’ll have the last conversation with someone.I hope your new journey englights your life in the way you’ve always wanted your in my thoughts and I wish you the best birthday from a far place knowing that some cares.Air hug 

Breakfast favorite

Recently I’ve been obsessed with oatmeal ,I’m not a big oatmeal person but I’ve come around and I literally have it most mornings.I take some oats add some water and cook them in the microwave I know very lazy and minielia like.After it’s done 🍳 cooking I add cinnamon as much as I like then two spoons of 🥜 peanut butter while it’s still warm up mixed it up let’s the peanut butter melt a tad then I left it sit cool for 5 to 8mins and then I add strawberries or frozen raspberries and balm enjoy sometimes I’ll add half a cup of almond milk if I’m feeling a watery oatmeal it’s literally a perfect breakfast with the right amount of carbs and fats to start your day the perfect brain food !

Looking back

When I look in the past I wonder where did I go wrong…when did I gain the weight when did I stop carrying have I’ve always been unhappy have I’ve never really had a plan I’ve look at older picture where I weight 20lbs less and then I felt fat and now I feel I don’t eat anything that’s pleasing to me 😭