28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

It’s officially my birthday and looking back to what 27th was like ,it was a hard year, indeed it was a long year.I year that I never saw to come the way it did many great things happened but than many things that often tested me.From my career to my personal life 27 wasn’t all it turned out to be.I continued on my projects but looking now it was a year of the big question whats next or how I’m changing.So here is the post 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years gosh I’m old:) and filled with wisdom and getting just like fine wine.

1.Happiness is truly important…..smile you can make so many people days happy just by a smile I can guarantee it’s like a domino affect once you smile to someone the next person smile and so forth

2.Take care of your self brush your teeth, go to your doctor and dentist appointments,sleep as much as you can the older we get the less sleep we sometimes can get a hold of.
3.Workout even if you hate it just work out your body will thank you later.Its important to come up with a workout routine to help combat our bad moods (trust me)

4.Money spent on traveling is money well spent!
5.Pay off your student loans as soon as you can you don’t wanna be the person paying off loans for 10years.
6.if you need to 😭 cry freakin cry and be sad(It’s okay)

7.Sometimes you need to burn some bridges to create some distance

8.Not all friendships last and thats okay ,just remember to stay true to your self and if the friendship taught you something than it did its purpose in your life.

9. forever doesn’t really exist,thing is forever nor the good nor the bad,life is forever changing and one is evolving the opposite orbit.

10.Be kind to others always, sprinkle kindness like confetti

11.Family is important,yes even if theres a big “if”

12.  When you learn to see that everyone is going thru something you learn to judge less

13. People who care will come thru no matter what the situation is…allow them to show they care.

14. Learn to say no

15.Goals are important never stop having goals,reach your goals revisit your goals and redesign your goals.

16. People will always have something to say if they do it’s because your obviously doing something right

18. Plans change and that’s okay too( in all aspect of life ,personal, work ,love, money etc.)

19.Life doesn’t always ever get better like in the movies,there are good,great time but also crappy times,but you learn to move forward( or at least thats what I’m told)

20.Never give up no matter how crappy things get never give up keep moving forward like my cousin says ” this is the part of the movie where it gets better”
21.Write people letters once in a while
22.Be organic unplug from social media once in a while.
23.Singing in your car can be pure happiness
24.A 13mile run can be what you need to feel stronger literally and figuratively
25.Listen to your body if your body doesn’t like Mc donalds chicken nuggets than don’t eat them.
26.Read for the sake of reading
27.A year closer to 30 is not the end of the world I report its not the end of the world
28 Always be grateful even when you currently hate everything about life or where its going.Or even when you feel so left out and want to scream at people.
*keep memories close to your heart because people tend to forget,pictures bring memories alive.

San Francisco staris 

I couldn’t be more thankful than spending the day in San Francisco eso ideally when I was literally 30mins away gosh that was a blessing.I had been staying in San Mateo and my cousin came out to see me I had been dying to wanna see the colorful staris in San Francisco so we drove out there around 4pm weather was perfect we actually hit a few staris first one was on 16th street that later leads us to grand view park which had staris of its own but a very beautiful view with loads of wind it was freezing up there.

After the staris on 16th my cousin and I headed towards Lyon street Lyon street was fun the staris not so much the folks on them where kinda mean but we enjoyed exploring around Lyon street and then literally walk to the 🌊 beach seeing waves as the sun was coming down was so much fun.We also stopped at the fine palace of arts which nice.The highlight of this mini trip was we walked a lot and enjoyed the views and literally explored .We got a lot of steps and went up and down the staris but nothing beats enjoying the streets of San Francisco  in evening and enjoying the weather we even tried doing sits up on the equipment near the beach.

Quintessentially Californian(Coachella  edition)

Guest writer :Marath Pich 
I don’t know what I was expecting or what I had signed up for. You hear about Coachella, you hear that it’s an experience, but no one really tells you what to expect. 
I walked onto grass and more grass. Wait. Where was the sand? I was expecting desert conditions and loads of sand. Instead I was met with yards and yards of grass, fences, tents and artwork. The people were friendly. The workers had personality. The outfits were stylish. The food overpriced. The lines long. The music was good. The crowds. 

And as my gaze landed on the multitude of sights, a few girls caught my attention. My mind took a while to process what I was seeing. It struck me as funny and a little absurd, actually multiple scenes did. Two girls holding hands, phone angled for that Instagram shot. A girl prancing towards the friend holding the camera. As I watched all this unfold, a thought came bubbling up. This is Californian. This is very Californian. 

Would I do this again? If it was cheaper. Was I glad I went to Coachella? Actually yes. I’d say try it at least once in your lifetime. 

Why people fall in love with Hawaii

I started planning this trip to Hawaii, literally out of no were .For some reason Hawaii wasn’t really ever on my hit list, the reason was I felt it was very cliché everyone I’ve had talked who had gone to Hawaii always says” I love Hawaii”. I ‘m one not to follow trends when it comes to vacation locations but sometime you just have to go where you want to go. So Hawaii became an official plan. We were going to Hawaii. Reasons why people tend to fall in love with Hawaii, I’ll admit even before Moana Hawaii was already beautiful and the world just truly needs to experience it. Just landing into Hawaii I was already a happy girl a starving girl but a happy one. I loved getting to Hawaii getting my keys to a car driving in ah to everything I would see.

 So here is a quick list of reasons why you should visit Hawaii, or plan on visiting soon.

 1.Beaches-Hawaii is an island and there is plenty to check out it’s a must to get in the water and just enjoy the many beaches. There is actually many beaches where the waves aren’t so harsh and the water is calm exploring the island alone is a treat of its own.


2.Weather- it feels like summer all the time the humidity is kicking in high gear.

 3.Food- Shrimp all day literally if you love shrimp you can find the best shrimp in Hawaii and at a totally affordable price. Another favorites and must have of the island are acai bowls, and ice snows just to name a few but we know Japanese cuisine is also very popular in Hawaii.



4.Hikes-Many hikes with incredible views, views to waterfalls views to the beach or just pure island life.

 5.Island Life: means to give no care of the world of what is happening anywhere else, slowing down eating food that makes you happy and enjoying sunsets and sunrises and sipping some Hawaiian lemonade enjoying the rain and swimming in the beach.


So go to your computer browse for flights book a place and pack your bags and head off to Hawaii but before you to  that don’t forget to add the moana soundtrack to your playlist so you can sing your heart out❤️ around the island 🌴.

Dear :Mybravediaries

Dear: Mybravediaries

Where Have I been ?where I’m I going?what happened in march?
Currently I’m just trying to rebuild myself and focus, last month I wanted to start writing to this blog and be a hundred percent focus for some reason I couldn’t, I didn’t feel the need to share as much as I would like or simply write. The weeks have been getting better but currenlty sticking to living day by day.For a person like me I love to plan ahead of everything ,be aheaeans living for me  but I’ve learned that’s not the most convenient route at times.

I’m summarize a bit of what March was, I’m kind of sad March is over I’ll admit.March is my favorite month, and no its not my birthday.So in March I took a trip to Hawaii,I had a blast the views in Hawaii are truly amazing maybe later I’ll share somethings about Hawaii but for now it feels a little dated.In March I also did my frist work trip which was fun I flew out to So Ca.I learned how to play pool which was cool I also saw my cousin Yin which was really unexpected but so glad he made the time to come out to see me.In March I saw Arianna Grande which was cool but I definatly loved watching Little Mix preform truly fun.I started a fit challenge which I will admit has been hard to keep with but now I’m focusing on eating my macros and defintaly has been helping.In March I also decided that a year from now I’ll participate in the big climb for leukemia in Seattle .So in march I started training for this slowly but surely I’ll make it:).The book club has been going strong , preparing myself for the one year anniversary .March was long but it also allowed me to try new things meet new people trying to be open again I’m still coping but it’s gotten better .Ive reconnected with people I’m trying to be more of quality with quaintly I’m trying to be more focus but it’s hard.I think this pass month allowed me to just want to try or put myself in new challengers even thought my heart didn’t want it I guess you can say I wanted to find a project which kept me busy in march I decided to withheld from traveling as much this year but  as I’m moving and working on myself I look forward I wanna cry sometimes and just write the things in my heart but I’m focusing on my projects and summer vacation to realizing a lot of new activities and working truly on being a better person.
WIth that being said for the month of April I will be rolling out the dear diary  in April I will write dear diary  entrees in this blog, I’m currently working on macros and climbing staris  even thought I’m not tracking long distances I’ll still share it I’ll slowly start returning to my bravediaries 🙂

Why you should have Hi Steak in Hawaii 

Why eat at histeaks
Hi steaks for starters hits the spot while my first visit to Hawaii I had the pleasure of trying hi steaks .I’m sure you’ve heard that Hawaii is ridiculous expensive from the smallest things such as literally a tooth brush so here I’ve come up with a list of why hi steaks is an option when your trying to eat up to par.
1. Hi steaks is located in a convenient location away from crowded crowds in Waikiki 

2. They have very reasonable operating hours so perfect for lunch and a late dinner

3. The price is a steal for a full meal with steal your price is 12 dollars meaning if you by a drink your meal is under 15

4. Flavor is great ,I love my steak a little more over done and I recommend it a hundred percent

5. You have the option of a couple different sauces for your steak you are in control of your plate

6. So yes hi steaks is a must option if you want a flavorful meal and want to stay with in budget.